1970 - 1999:

In 1970 Alex Hamerlinck started the company. He then was specialised in the current cultivation of vegetables.

1999 - 2012:

In 1999 Krist, his son, started a new organic company.

During his education in horticulture, he did some placements. The first one was at the university of Ghent. There he assisted prof. Steurbout at the faculty of agriculture. There edible products are analysed on residues. The quantity of pesticedes overwhelmed him and opened his eyes. Was there no other way?

After the university he worked at the Soil Service of Belgium. They analyse the soil and give guidance around cultivation e.g. how much warmth a particular plant needs in a specific phase.

Eventually he had his last placement at an organic company called "Den Hogen Akker".

After his graduation, he did not start immediately with his own company but wanted to gain some experience in the only experimental garden of Belgium "PCG". During 3 years he learned even more about organic cultivation and it inspired him to start his company. In 2000 he then took over the company of his dad and transformed it into an organic one. "The Green Equilibrium" came to life.